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Ovulation Calculator and More

Do you plan to have a baby? Do you have any preference on the sex of your baby? What is the best time to have intercourse in order to increase the rate of successful conception? Do you need a ovulation calculator to check your due date? You come to the right page if you have any of the above considerations. Here are three online tools that can help you to achieve your pregnancy plan.
Lunar Age Calculator fo the Chinese Gender Chart

You may plan to have a baby boy if you already have one or more girls. Or you may try to avoid to have a baby boy due to heredity issue. Whatever your reason may be, the Chinese Gender Chart can certainly help you in picking your chosen gender.

If you have no idea of what is a Chinese Gener Chart, please go to main page, and then use the Lunar Age Calculator to find out the right month for baby conception.
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2. Ovulation Calculator

After you have chosen the month to have your baby conceived, you will need to find out the best time to have intercourse in order to get pregnant.

The best or most fertile time to get pregnant is the period of ovulation in your menstrual cycle.
One simple way to know this is figuring out the starting date of your next menstrual period. From this date, count back 12 to 16 days. This will give you a range of days when you will probably be ovulating. Generally, for women with a 28-day cycle, the 14th day is often the best day to get pregnant.

The following ovulation calculator assists you in getting your ovulation (fertile) period.

Please select the first day of your last menstrual period:

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Usual number of days in your cycle:

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3. Pregnancy Count Weekly

Once you are pregnant, your body will undergo rapid emotional and physical changes. This software shows you what's happening with your body & your baby, including early signs of pregnancy, fetal development, pregnancy symptoms, and so much more.

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