Chinese Gender Chart as Baby Gender Predictor and Selection
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Chinese Gender Chart

You are clicks away from knowing your baby gender
The Chinese Gender Chart shows you that gender of a baby is determined solely by two factors, which are woman's age together with the month of conception. This unique tool can be used for both predicting and selecting baby's sex, with a high successful rate. We will show you everything you need to know about this ancient Chinese invention.
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Western Calendar Version Baby Chart
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If you are carrying a baby and want to know the baby's sex. Try this.
  • Automatically convert western calendar date to lunar date, and calculate your lunar age.
  • Choose between conception date and due date
  • Examine the chart on yourself and your friends
If you plan to have a baby, and have preference for a boy or a girl. See this.
  • Find out the best time to conceive a baby of a particular gender
  • Complete western date range for easy reading
  • Lunar leap months calculation included to prevent error
The lunar calendar is used to determine the dates of festival occasions and holidays. This tool converts Western (Gregorian ) to Chinese (Lunar) calendar month and date. It also calculate your lunar age which is essential for the gender prediction chart and various Chinese fortune telling methods.
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How accurate is the chinese gender chart? Does the chart work well in every woman? With knowing the birth date of some celebrities and her sons/daughters, we can find out both her lunar age and the lunar month at the time of conception. We therefore can examine if the chart is right on them.