Chinese Herbal Medicine For Removing Blockage In The Fallopian Tubes

Female Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System

If you’re unfamiliar with the female anatomy, the job of the fallopian tubes is to transport the egg from the ovaries to the woman’s womb. Many woman fear infertility, which is where a blockage is present within the fallopian tubes and it restricts from fertilization of the egg. Many times, the blockage that’s present is fluid, scar tissue, mucus plugs, or debris and because of this, Chinese herbs are actually able to break down the blockage and allow the tubes to function properly again.

How Do The Herbs Unblock The Fallopian Tubes

The general idea of the Chinese herbs is that if they can reduce the leftovers which cause irritation and inflammation within the fallopian tubes, they can then be flushed out and allow for proper functioning again. There are active substances within these herbs that specifically break down scar tissue and various adhesions or plugs. Typically the herbs are taken by drinking the mixture in tea, swallowing a pill with a meal, or by using herbal tampons. Once the herbs are ingested, they make their way to the swollen and irritated areas and begin to break down the irritations.

What Is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is actually an enzyme which specializes in breaking down both scar tissue and cystic tissue within the fallopian tubes. Secondarily, serrapeptase also promotes better circulation within all reproductive organs in humans, so when used in combination with the Chinese herbs, the process is made complete

What Do Siegesbeckia And Leonurus Have In Common?

Typically, both of these herbs are combined and used together in this herbal Chinese medicine in order to break down blockages and flush out the fallopian tubes. Typically, these herbs only take 10 days from start to finish in order to remove all blockages and allow for proper functioning once again.

Other Commonly Used Herbs

As you may have expected, there are many other herbs which help promote the healing and flushing of the fallopian tubes. Many times, these other herbs are used in conjunction with Leonurus and Siegesbeckia in order to bring about the desired results. Some of these other herbs are as follows: Ligusticum, Corydalis root, red clover, green tea, chamomile, Astralgus root, Calendula, and even garlic!