Do you believe in the Chinese Birth Gender Chart? Here is the Proof

Believe it or not, the amazing gender chart is now more popular in the western world than in the Chinese societies. By looking at the number of search at Google for “Chinese Prediction Chart” or “Chinese Gender Chart” or other similar phrases, you will find that more than 1,000,000 searches per month are looking for this subject.

There are totally 336 combinations at the chart. 164 of them belong to boy (49%) and 172 belong to girl (51%). If you look at the chinese chart, you can find out that the chance of having a boy is relatively high when the mother is young (age 18~27). From 28 to 34, the chance of having a girl baby becomes very high. And if a lady is pregnant at 35 or older, the chance of having either a girl or a boy is about equal. This could be one of the reasons that the ancient Chinese encouraged the girls to pregnant when they were very young, as women would be easy to get pregnant with a baby boy.

Most people treat the gender chart as a joke. They think that the outcomes of the chart are no different from that of flipping a coin. There are however a numerous of people take the chart seriously, as they rely on the chart to select and predict their baby genders. Unless there are some proofs to suggest the accuracy of the chart, otherwise the argument could be last forever.

Zhou Enlai (周恩來) on
Time Magazine cover, 1951

Modern technologies show no proof on the gender chart. An uncovered story may tell you the truth. Leading by the former premier Zhou Enlai (周恩來, 1898~1976), the communist government had conducted a countrywide health care reform started in late 1940s. One of the goals was to find out if there are any relationships between the new born gender and the characters of their parents. The result was surprising coincident with the ancient invented gender chart.

From over 3 million of new born babies, they found that there is significant relationship among baby gender, mother’s (lunar) age and the conceived (lunar) month. In fact, they discovered that knowing the mother’s age and the conceived month can well predict the baby gender. The correlation rate is exceptionally high within mother’s age range from 18 to 49. On the other hand, they didn’t find any relationship between fathers and the gender of babies.

It is said that the communist government aimed to cover the above outcome, in order to prevent the imbalance of the future genders. Whether you believe if this is a true story, why don’t you just test the chart on your kids and on yourself! Have fun!