How to use the Chinese Gender Chart?

Chinese Gender Chart in Chinese

The Chinese characters of “Chinese Gender Chart”

Based on this ancient pregnancy chart, the gender of a baby is determined by only two factors, which are the mother’s age and the month when the baby conceived (see the chart below). But remember, both of them are based on the Chinese (lunar) calendar. If you have no idea of how to convert your age and the western calendar month into the Chinese (lunar) age and the Chinese (lunar) month, please use our Lunar Age Calculator for a quick conversion. If you need a fully automated Chinese Gender Chart for gender prediction, please visit this page. Or if you want to use the automated chart for gender selection, please click here.

Alternatively, you can use the Chinese Gender Chart (western calendar version) which we have already made all the lunar western conversion for you, and yet the result is exactly the same as the traditional gender chart.

Now look at the chart below, the numbers down the left side represents the mother’s age at the time of conception. The columns of the chart represent the month when the mother is conceived.

For gender prediction, follow across and down to where the month and age intersect, and you will find either a blue box for boy or a pink box for girl. For example, if a 24-year-old (lunar age) woman conceived on the first lunar month, her baby would be a boy and if a 28-year-old (lunar age) woman conceived on the 6th lunar month, her baby would be a girl.

For gender selection, pick the age when the mother plans to conceive. At the same row, choose to conceive at the months with blue boxes, if you want a boy. And conceive at the months with pink boxes, if you prefer a girl

You may not agree that men play little part in determining the gender of babies, according to the chart, but recent medical studies do demonstrate that the sex of the baby is actually chosen by the female. See ‘Myth: Sex of the baby is chosen by the male; Reality: Sex of the baby is chosen by the female’.

The following video shows you how to use the ancient chart with examples.

Unfortunately, instead of achieving a high accuracy rate as claimed, the conclusion of certain surveys carried by western countries on the accuracy of the chart is nothing, but just better than flipping a coin! Don’t be disappointed, we will show you how to increase the accuracy of the results, through some hints.