Learn your Children’s Fortunes from your own Face

By just viewing the face of a person, the Chinese fortune tellers are able to tell something about his/her children. Whether they are accurate or not, judge by yourself.


PhiltrumPhiltrum is a very important position in the Chinese fortune-telling system. It is the groove between the nose and the upper lip, and is the place where the Chinese fortune tellers observe the fortune of a person at the age 51. More important, the shape and deepness of the philtrum can reflect the health of reproductive organs, as well as the sex and fortune of one’s offspring.

Generally, the deepness of philtrum represents the quantity of offspring. At ancient time, a person with deep Philtrum indicated that he/she could have more than 4 children. Today, due to the popularity of contraception, a person with deep philtrum should have more than 2 children. A person with shallow flat Philtrum, on the other hand, indicates no offspring or just one child.

Normally, people with sharp cupid’s bows or a philtrum with narrow at the top but wide at the base (white roll) should have a tendency of more sons than daughters. A round cupid’s bows should have a tendency of more daughters than sons. A philtrum with the same width from the top to the base, like a train track, indicates same amount of sons and daughters.

A female with a deep, narrow top and wide base philtrum indicates a well-developed vagina and uterus. As a result, It will be relatively easy for her at baby delivery. She will also have little gynecological diseases in her whole life. On the other hand, a female with an oblique philtrum may have a much higher chance of getting gynecological diseases.

If a female has the uterus been removed, their philtra will become flatten gradually. Female with tubal ligation may also result in a inconspicuous philtrum.

Finally, a sudden appear of a rash at the philtrum may well indicate problems occur at the reproductive organ. A scar at the philtrum reflects an abortion.

The Children Palace

children palace

In Chinese fortune telling, the areas under the lower eyelids are called the children palace. They can tell the fortune of one’s children.