Baby Boy or Baby Girl? Ancient Chinese chart may help you

borgPaper making, compass, printing and gunpowder are the four most well-known inventions among thousands from ancient China. They now benefit the whole world in many ways, after centuries of development. In fact, certain ancient Chinese inventions are considered as occult by the western world, as they are still unexplainable by modern science. While the Chinese have long been benefited from these special inventions, western societies have also started enjoying the utilities from them. Such inventions include acupuncture, Chinese fortune telling, Feng Shui., and the little-known Chinese Gender Chart.

There are few literatures that discussed about this ancient Chinese invention. All we know is that the chart can tell the sex of fetus with the available of two pieces of information. The (lunar) age of the mom together with the (lunar) month when the egg fertilized (conceived). So a 28 years old woman will get a baby girl if she conceived on the 2nd lunar month, and a 20 years old lady will get a baby boy if she conceived between the 4th and the 9th lunar month.

You may say that it is a joke for completely rule out the role of male in gender determination. Well there is research evidence that eggs have the ability to choose fertilizing with a X-sperm or a Y-sperm.

So how can the chart be applied in the modern world? If you are already pregnant, you can simply look at the chart and immediately know the gender of the fetus in the womb. If you are preparing to have a child, you can pick the right time to intercourse, in order to have a baby with your desire gender.

How accurate is the chart? No one knows exactly. But a survey suggests that the hit rate could be well over 70%. A large scale of study during the late 50s also indicated the chart is no fluke! To prevent mistakes, several things must be taken into account,

Other than easy-to-use, the advantages of using chart to determine baby gender include:

  • It is free of charge
  • It is safe
  • It is natural

The conclusion is that Chinese Gender Chart is a precise way to predict or select baby gender. However, if you require a 100% reliable solution for gender selection, this birth chart is not for you. Hi-tech gender selection methods are your only choices.

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