The Myth of the Fetal God

babygodThe Chinese Gender Chart is widely considered as an accurate gender predicting tool from the ancient Chinese. The ancient wisdom is actually extended to benefit all the Chinese pregnant women through the legend of the “fetal god”.

The Chinese believe that at the moment when a life is created (fertilization of an egg), a spirit will approach the fertilized egg. The name of the spirit is called the “baby god” or “fetal god” or in Chinese “胎神”. To make sure babies can be safely carried, the ancient Chinese warned the pregnant women that they should pay special attention to their daily activities simply because they cannot hurt the fetal god. It is said that the fetal god and the fetus are somehow physically connected. So if the fetal god is hurt, the fetus could also be hurt.

The job of the fetal god is to protect the fetus before coming out from the womb, so it always exists at the house of the pregnant woman. However, although the spirit takes care of the fetus, it is very important that it could be easily get angry or get hurt, and the fetus may result in physical birth defects or may die before or immediately after birth.

So how exactly can the fetal god get angry or get hurt and what are the consequents? Well there are actually quite a lot, and here are some of them.

While it sounds ridiculous to believe the existence of fetal god, it is not uncommon to hear that the bad consequences did happen for pregnant women who did not follow these “customs”.

The positions of the fetal god vary every month inside the house. The pregnancy woman and her family members should prevent changing or moving the furniture or appliances in the area, so reduce the chances to hurt the fetal god. Here are the monthly positions of the spirit.

Lunar month
all bedrooms
close to doors and windows
doors and living room
all bedrooms
all bedrooms and store room
doors and bathroom
doors and bedrooms

What you should do if the baby god is offended or hurt? You may need to go to a temple and ask for a written charm for fertility. Burn the charm, mix the ash with water and then drink it. Hopefully the baby god and the fetus are both OK.

Here is the question: could it be true that the baby god really exists, or just the ancient Chinese people who made up some stories to help pregnant women avoid accidents. I would choose to believe the latter one at this moment!