— Various Tools —

85.  Wooden Spoon Test : For this test, ask a pregnant woman to throw a wooden spoon on the floor. If it lands hollow side down then she is having a boy; when it lands arch side down then it is a girl.


86.  Penny Test :  For this test you will need to lick your thumb and wipe it on a penny coin. Once the penny is wet you should hold it against a wall with the split side looking at the wall. Press the penny on to the wall for 30 seconds and then let go; if the penny sticks to the wall you are carrying a girl, of it falls down then you will have a boy.

US Penny

87.  Chicken under the Bed :  Put two chickens, a hen and a rooster, under the bed of the pregnant woman (and her husband). The sex of the baby will be the same as whichever chicken comes out first.


88.  Pin or Needle : This is a Persian folklore. A pregnant woman who happens to find a pin in the street will have a male child, but finding a needle presages a female child. (Ṣ. Hedāyat, Neyrangestān, 1963)


89.  Spider Web : In Hungary, a pregnant woman might make a hole with her finger in a spider web; if the spider repairs the damage of the web, expect a male child. (Rudolf Temesváry, Volkbräuche und Aberglauben in der Geburtshilfe und der Pflege des Neugebornen in Ungarn, 1900)

garlic90.  Garlic Test : If a mom-to-be eats a clove of garlic raw and she can still sense the smell seeping out from her pores even days after, it is going to be a son. Otherwise, it is a girl.

91.  Louse test : This is a Moroccan folklore. Dropping a louse on a pregnant woman’s exposed abdomen. If the insect lands on its legs, the unborn baby is believed to be a male; if on its back, a female. ( Jean Avalon, Coutumes et pratiques Marocaines dans la grossesse et l’accouchement, 1927)

92.  Toilet Test : In Japan, when the dad-to-be calls the mom-to-be while she is on the toilet, if she turns suddenly to the right, the baby is a son. To the left, a daughter.

This test is similar to the Chinese “Call from behind” test

sppon-fork93.  Spoon and Fork Test : In order to carry out this method for predicting the sex of the unborn child you require a fork, a spoon, and two chairs. The fork should be placed on one chair and the spoon on the other, the objects being covered with a serviette. The mother-to-be is not allowed to see the process, and once both objects are covered she is asked to choose a chair to sit on; when she sits on the spoon she will give birth to a girl, and when she chooses fork it will be a boy.

In Italy and some other countries, people use knife instead of fork and scissors instead of spoon for this test.

94.  Pupil Dilation : This is a German folktale. Look at the mirror for at least one minute, and if the pupils dilate, it is a boy. Otherwise, it is a girl.

eye dilation

95.  Turkey Wishbone : Let the mother-to-be and father-to-be hold each side of a turkey wishbone, and then break it. If the father-to-be gets the bigger end, the baby is a boy. If the mother-to-be gets the bigger end, the baby is a girl.


96.  Sprinkle Salt : A test from Romania. Let the father-to-be sprinkle some salt in the mother-to-be’s hair silently, and watch where she scratches first. If she itches her lips, she is having a girl, her nose, a boy.

cat walking97.  Cat Test :
Ask the pregnant woman to stay in a room with another lady, and have them sit on chairs in opposite sides of the room. Then let a cat enter the room. If the cat takes a glance at the pregnant woman first (preferably jumping in her lap) , she is going to have a boy. If the cat ignores the pregnant woman and goes for the other lady, a baby girl is predicted.

98.  Bread Test : Serve a pregnant lady a loaf of bread, if she prefers the heel, it is going to be a son, if she refuse to eat the heel, it is a daughter. This test is said to originate from Italy.


99.  Owl or Raven :
In Albania, the cry of an owl presages the birth of a daughter, while the croaking of a raven is a sign of a son.owl-and-raven

100.  Baby Dancing : In Vienna, the City of Music, if the fetus dances with music, it is a girl. If the fetus remains quiet, it is a boy.


101.  Facial Tissue : Lay a facial tissue flat on a table. Then ask the mom-to-be to grab the tissue right in front of a few people. If she grabs the edge of the tissue, she is having a girl. If she grabs the corner of the tissue, she is having a baby boy.