— Pendulum —

53. Ring Test : To perform this test you will need a ring and a piece of string, a hair, or a string of dental floss. Simple dangle the ring over your belly and wait until it starts to move. If the ring moves from side to side you will be having a boy; a ring that swings in a circular motion indicates that you are carrying a girl. See more about ring test here.

Some people believe that in order to get the best outcome, a strand of mother’s hair is preferable to a foreign object like a piece of string.


54. Pencil Test : This test not only shows a pregnant woman the sex of the baby that she is carrying, but also shows her how many babies she will have and what gender they are. In fact, all women can perform this test even they are not yet pregnant.

For this test you will need a sharp pen that has an eraser on the top of it. Stick a needle into the eraser and then go on to thread a piece of sewing thread through the needle. Once you have finished this, place your arm on a table or other hard surface and dangle the pencil above your exposed wrist with your palm facing up. The pencil will start to move in a circular motion and will then start to move from side to side or up and down. If the pencil moves up and down, following the length of your arm you are expecting a boy; if the pencil moves across your wrist in a side to side motion then you are carrying a girl. If the pencil moves in big circles, you probably may have a miscarriage.

If the test is performed correctly, the pencil will move small circles between each prediction. So, if your first child is supposed to be a boy, it will move up and down for a while, and then it will start swinging in small circles again before it tells you the gender of your second child. If there is no more child, the pencil moment will slow down and then stop completely.


pendant155. Birthstone Test : For this test you need a birthstone pendant. If you don’t have one, then you can take a birthstone and tie it to a string. Now tell a friend to hold it over you.

Get a friend to ask you several questions for which he/she does not know the answers, like “have you eaten chicken today, or did you read a book last night?” Do not reveal the answers to your friend, but notice what kind of movement do the pendant show in response your answers. In other words, if the answer if  “yes”, notice whether the pendant moves in back-and-forth motion or in a circular motion.

Now tell that person to hold the pendant over your belly and ask: “Is the baby that [YOUR NAME] is carrying a girl?” If you see the pendant swings in the same way as with your “yes” answer, then it is a girl. Otherwise, it is a boy.


— Habits —

56. Sleep Position : If the mom-to-be always sleep on her left side, it is a son. If she prefers to sleep on her right side, it is a daughter.



57. Get Up : Wake up a pregnant woman, and ask her to sit on the bed. If she gets up by pushing herself with both hands behind her, she is probably having a daughter. If she uses one of her arms at her side to get up, the baby is a son.



mug58. Mug Test : Ask the expectant mother to pick up a cup or mug. If she uses the handle to pick up the mug then she will have a boy; if she grasps the body of the mug then she will have a girl.

59. Palms Up or Down : Get someone to ask a pregnant woman to show her hands. If she shows her hands with the palms down, she is having a boy. If her palms up, it is a girl.

60. Key Test : For this test to work, the pregnant woman needs to be unaware that the test is being carried out. Simply hand a key to the mother to be and watch how she grabs it. If she grabs the round part first then she is carrying a boy; when she grabs the narrow part first she will give birth to a girl.


— Instinct —

61. Name : When parents are choosing a name for their unborn child, if between them they can only decide on a name of the same sex, then this is the sex of the child to be born.


62. Mother Knows Best :  Predict gender solely from mother’s gut feeling.

A study was carried out by Dr Victor Shamas and Amanda Dawson at the Arizona Birth and Women’s health center in Tuscon where 100 mothers to be were asked to predict the sex of their unborn child. Of those that claimed that they had an intuition about the sex of the child, an astounding 70% were indeed correct.

63. Dreams : Dreams have often been significant indicators of fetal sex. In many European countries, dreams of a knife or an ax indicate a son. Dreams of a fountain or a spring indicate a daughter. In India, dreams oflotus blossoms, mango trees ormen’s food are believed to predict a boy. Check out for more gender prediction and pregnancy related dreams here.