— Urine Tests —

42. Alcohol Test : A test that uses the first pee in the morning to mix with medical alcohol (isopropyl alcohol). If the alcohol does not change color you are having a girl; if it turns red then you will have a boy.

43. Baking Soda Test : This test involves peeing on a little baking soda in a plastic cup. If the mix fizzles then you are said to be carrying a boy; a mix that does not fizzle is said to indicate that you are carrying a girl.


egyptian44. Ancient Egyptian Test : In Ancient Egypt, the sex of an unborn child was predicted using wheat and barley. The mother-to-be would urinate over seeds of both barley and wheat. If the barley sprouted then the woman was carrying a boy and if the wheat sprouted she was carrying a girl.

In 1933 a German pharmacologist repeated the Egyptian test on 100 urine specimens from an equal number of pregnant women. With 23 samples the germination rates of seeds in the remaining tess, 58 diagnoses were correct and 19 were wrong. (Julius Manger, Untersuchungen zum Problem der Geschlechtsdiagnose aus Schwangerenharn, 1933)

Students from the University of California, Davis has translated an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which is believed to have been written in 1400~1600 B.C., regarding the barley and wheat sprouts pregnancy test. 


Here is the translation :
Another way of seeing whether she is with child or not with child

Take barley and emmer, she should moisten them with her urine
every day like dates, like cakes in two sacks
if they flourish in their entirety, she will be with child
if the barley flourishes, then it is male
if the emmer flourishes, it is female
if they do not flourish, she is not with child

(Source : www.examiner.com/article/the-ancient-wheat-and-barley-sprouts-pregnancy-test)


45. Drano Test : For this test you will need a glass and two tablespoon of blue crystal Drano. You should then add your urine to the glass and watch the color of the mix. If the mix turns dark brown almost straight away then you are carrying a boy. If there is no color change or darkening after 15 seconds then you are expecting a girl. Find more about drano test here. The below video shows the result of a “boy”.

This experiment should be done outdoor with special care. Drano is a dangerous chemical and you need to ensure that you throw away the mix carefully once you have finished.


46. Cabbage Test :  For this test you will need a red cabbage. The size of the cabbage is not important as you will chop it into pieces and place them in a pan of boiling water. Allow the cabbage (it will be purple in color) to boil for ten minutes and then take the pan off the heat. Once the cabbage has finished boiling you need to urinate in a clean cup. Then combine an equal amount of your pee with an equal amount of the water from the cabbage. If the mix of urine and water turns purple you are carrying a girl; if it turns red then you will give birth to a boy.

Cabbage Test for gender determination

47. Urine Color : You can predict the sex of your unborn child by looking at the color of your urine. Bright colored urine is supposed to indicate you will have a boy and dull colored urine a girl.

Don’t think it is valid, as it is a common sense that the color of water depends on how much water you drink.


— Calculation —

48. Mayan Method : In ancient times, the Maya used math to calculate various activities in their daily lives from the eclipse of the moon to calendar calculations and market transactions. Amongst these calculations they developed one specifically for predicting the gender of an unborn child. To calculate this they took into consideration the age of the mother and the year of conception. When both number were even or odd then the unborn child was female; when one number was odd and the other even the child would be a boy.

32 years old woman, who was conceived in 2006 = girl
29 years old woman, who was conceived in 2006 = boy

The Mayan temple at Chichen Itza, Mexico


49. Brazilian Method : The Brazilian version varies from that of the Mayan method in that they use the month of conception as opposed to the year as well as the age of the mother to be when she conceives. Once again however, when one number is odd and the other even the mother is expecting a boy; when both are odd or even the child will be a girl.

A 28-year old woman, who was conceived on July = boy
A 27-year old woman, who was conceived on May = girl

50. The Remainder Method :  This approach is provided by a Japanese senior midwife, the accuracy of this method is said to be as high as 98%.  Sum up the Chinese lunar month in which the mother conceived,  the mother’s Chinese lunar age at the time she conceived, and the father’s Chinese lunar age at the time his wife conceived, and then divide it by 3. If there is no remainder or if  the remainder is 2, then she is having a girl. If the remainder is 1, she is having a boy

Mother’s birth date :  12/5/72
Father’s birth date : 3/30/66
Mother conceived date : 12/10/14

Use the lunar month and age calculator, you will get
Mother’s lunar age : 43
Father’s lunar age : 49
Lunar month of conception : 9

(43+49+9)/3  = 33, with a remainder 2

It is a girl !

51. Blood Renewal Theory :  This gender predictor is said to be a Russian folklore. According to the theory, the male has his blood renewal every four years, and the female every three years. Baby gender is determined by the newest blood at the moment when the mother is conceived. So to do this test, you will need 1) the father’s birthday, 2) the mother’s birthday, and 3) the possible conception day.

Here is how you do it. Keep adding 4 yr to the father’s birth year, until the year closest (without over) to the year of conception. Do the same thing to the mother’s birthday except only adding 3 yr to the mother’s birth year. The one which is closer to the date of conception means the blood is “newer” and the unborn baby will have the same sex as that person.

Father’s birthday : May 6, 1986
Mother’s birthday : June 12, 1988
Date of conception : December 18, 2014

Blood renewal on the father : May 6, 1986 ➙ May 6, 1990 ➙ May 6, 1994 ➙ ……. ➙ May 6, 2008 ➙ May 6, 2014
Blood renewal on the mother : June 12, 1988 ➙ June 12,1991 ➙ June 12,1994 ➙ ……. ➙ June 12, 2009 ➙ June 12, 2012

Obviously, the father’s blood is newer than the mother’s, and so a baby boy is expected.

52. Japanese Gender Chart

To know the gender of the baby, you will need to know the father’s month of birth, the mother’s month of birth and the month of conception.

Step 1 ~ At table 1 below, find out the number where the father’s month of birth meets the mother’s month of birth. It is the secret number .


Table 1

Step 2 ~ At table 2, find out the baby gender by crossing the month of conception with the secret number.

Table 2

Table 2


Father’s month of birth : July
Mother’s month of birth : September
Month of conception : April

At table 1, you get the secret number 1 by crossing the father’s month of birth (July) with the mother’s month of birth (September). Then at table 2, cross the secret number 1 with the month of conception (April), and you will get the predicted gender which is a girl in this case.