— Feelings and Health —

22. Heartburn : According to old wives’ tales, heartburn means the baby will come out with a head full of hair. The fact is that most women experienced severe heartburn during pregnancy got a boy.

23. Headache : It is more likely that women who are carrying boys get frequent headaches, while those who are carrying girls do not or only occasionally get headaches.

cold feet with socks24. Cold Feet : Cold feet in this context mean having icy cold feet rather than being scared of the birth of a baby. Myth has it that if pregnant women have cold feet during your pregnancy then they are more likely to be expecting a boy.

Research has been carried out in Germany surrounding the subject of cold feet during pregnancy, and it has been reported that more often than not the pregnant women with cold feet were carrying boys. It is not however entirely clear as to why the circulation should suffer more when the woman is carrying a boy as opposed to a girl.

25. Sex Drive : Once the pregnancy has been confirmed, a woman who loses some of her sex drive is said to be carrying a girl; when her sex drive becomes stronger she is said to be carrying a boy.

woman craving 26. Cravings #1 : Not all but most pregnant woman will experience cravings during her pregnancy. When she craves salty or spicy or sour foods then she is said to be carrying a boy; when she craves sweets she is said to be carrying a girl.

27. Cravings # 2 : Woman loves red meat if she is having a boy. She loves to eat fruit or drink fruit juice if she is having a girl.

28. Appetite : When a mother to be is continually hungry during her pregnancy it is said that she will give birth to a baby boy; when her appetite stays the same or decreases she will give birth to a daughter.

29. Vitality : If you become lazy when pregnant and suffer from lower than normal levels of energy it is said that you are carrying a girl; when you stay active during your pregnancy then it is said that you are carrying a boy.
woman with morning sickness

30. Morning Sickness : The majority of pregnant woman will report morning sickness at some stage during their pregnancy, but the severity of the sickness can help predict the sex of the unborn child. Mothers who are carrying a daughter are more likely to suffer from severe nausea, this sickness being far less severe when the mother will have a son.

Morning sickness in the pregnant woman has been extensively studied, and the long lasting morning sickness that is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum was found by Swedish physicians to be more prevalent in women who were carrying baby girls. The results of their findings were published in THE LANCET ((Sickness in pregnancy and sex of child, Jan 1999), with the conclusion

quote-open… we postulated that mothers with hyperemesis gravidarum are more likely to give birth to girls than to boys.


fetal-movement quickening31. Quickening : It is a son if the fetus moves early

While there is no scientific evidence to support the above statement, the relationship between gender and quickening had been mentioned in certain ancient texts. Hippocrates (c.460-377BC) states that the male fetus begins to move in three months but the females in four months. Bernard de Gordon (fl.1270-1330) also taught that female moves at four month, and the male at three. Ambroise Paré (1510-90) believed that boy movements at three and a half months and girl movements later.

32. Fetal Movement : Movement is stronger for male than for female fetus, when they are at the same developmental phrase.

In a recent study which involved 6546 mothers, researches found out that males are about 10% more active than females during the latter two-thirds of pregnancy. They sum up the result as follow,

quote-openBy the fourth month of pregnancy, mothers reported that males were significantly more active in the womb than females.


— Ancient Chinese Methods —

33. Call from behind : For this method to work, the pregnant woman has to be walking in a southerly direction when someone calls out her name from behind. If the woman turns back to see who is calling her from the left then she is said to be having a baby boy; if she turns from the right then she is carrying a girl. Well, don’t shout too loud to the mother-to-be or you will scare her and her baby!

34. Pulse : When the left wrist pulse feels more slippery and rapid, it should be a boy. If the right wrist pulse feel more slippery and rapid. It is a girl. This method is far more accurate when you visit a TCM practitioner, and it should be noted that it is only a valid method when the first trimester of pregnancy has passed. See more details.

pulse detection for pregnant woman

35. Green excrement : For this method to work a pregnant woman needs to hold an infant of another woman who has not yet reached the teething stage. When she is holding a baby that is the same gender as her own unborn child then the excrement of the baby will remain the same; when she is carrying a baby of the opposite gender to that in her womb the next time the infant passes a motion the excrement will be green.

36. Color of the nipples/areolae : During any pregnancy the nipples and areolae of the expectant mother will change in form, shape, and color. If during pregnancy, the color of nipple and areola shows on left breast is darker than that at the right side, she is carrying a boy. If the color at the right side is darker, it is a girl.

37. The Children’s Palace : Another way to determine the gender of the unborn child is by observing the areas known as the children’s palace, which are located below the eyes. If the children’s palace of the mother-to-be seems white or yellow then she is carrying a boy; when these areas are showing a greenish color then she is carrying a girl.



38. Chinese Gender Chart : This is probably the most common gender predictor nowadays. The chart can also be used to select baby gender.

39. The 49 method : For this one needs to know both the Chinese lunar month in which the mother-to-be conceived and the Chinese lunar age at the time she  got pregnant (find both of them at the lunar age calculator) in order to determine the sex of the unborn baby. Here is the formula

49 + (Chinese lunar month in which the mother conceived) – (the Chinese lunar age at the time the mother got pregnant) + 19

If the result is an odd number, the baby is a boy.  An even number means a baby girl.



40. The Bagua (eight trigrams) method : In Taoism, Bagua is the representation of naturally occurring processes. With the (lunar) age of the father, the (lunar) month in which the mother conceived, and the (lunar) age of the mother, a trigram can be formed. Since each trigram stands for either a yin or yang, the gender of baby can be determined.

To predict the baby gender, find out whether the following values are odd or even, and then check the table below

  1. the lunar age of the father at the time the mother conceived (Heaven)
  2. the lunar month in which the mother conceived (Humanity)
  3. the lunar age of the father at the time the mother conceived (Earth)


So, a 30-year-old dad and a 25-year-old mom who conceived on the 9th lunar month will get a girl (even-old-old). Again all the lunar age and lunar month can easily be found out at the lunar age calculator.

fist141. Fists : This method involves the mother-to-be clenching her firsts and checking the formation of the skin between the palm of her hand and her little finger. When the skin is pointed then the woman is carrying a baby boy; when the skin is rounded it means she is carrying a girl. This method has various levels of success but only limited to the first time the woman is pregnant.