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101 At-home Gender Predictors. Am I Having A Baby Boy Or Girl?

If you are looking for simple, interesting and non-clinical ways to determine if you are having a baby boy or a baby girl, then you’ll love this article. Here is a list of one hundred and one at-home gender predictors that most of them you’ve probably never heard of.

— Facial Changes —

1. Shape : When the face gets narrower and longer you are said to be carrying a boy; when the shape takes on a fuller and rounder form you are said to be carrying a girl.

acne at pregnant woman's face2. Skin : Acne are more prevalent when the mother to be is carrying a girl; if the skin stays clear and free from spots then she is carrying a boy.

3. Hair #1 : The hair of an expectant mother that is carrying a girl will often seen to be duller and thinner than before she became pregnant; when the hair becomes more glossy and full of body then she is having a boy. It should also be a girl if reddish highlights are found in the hair during pregnancy.

woman with dull hair

pullhair4. Hair #2 : Pull a pregnant woman’s hairs up from the back of her neck. If you find new hair growth that forms in “V” shape, she is having a boy. If new hairs are growing straight across the neck, she is having a baby girl.

5. Nose : When pregnant, the expectant mother can also expect to notice changes in the size and shape of her nose when she is carrying a boy. These changes where the nostrils will get bigger and wider are only temporary and the nose will return to its former shape once her infant son is born.

y eye vein means carry a girl6. Eye Vein : By studying the white part of the eye under the iris you can also predict the sex of your unborn child. If there is the presence of a vein, either “V”, “Y”, or “U” shaped under the left eye then you are said to be carrying a girl; when this vein is present under the right eye it is said that you are carrying a boy. When there are veins present in both eyes then the sex of the unborn child is female; no veins at all mean that you are carrying a boy.

7. Overall Beauty : For the pregnant women, if you feel yourself or your friends tell you that you look prettier than before, you are probably carrying a son. If unfortunately your beauty disappears when you are pregnant, you are more likely having a daughter.

Interestingly, the Chinese think the opposite which means that a girl in the womb brings pregnant woman more beauty.

— Body Changes —

8. Breast Size #1 : The breasts of women who are carrying girls will grow faster and gain bigger size than those of women who are carrying boys.

At her book “Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?“, science journalist Jena Pinecott says that women carrying male babies have their breasts increase an average of 8cm (3.2 inches) compared with 6.3cm (2.5 inches) for women carrying boys.

In Poland, a study of 120 women carried by Galbarczyk A. of Jagiellonian University Medical College, reveals that

quote-openChanges in breast circumference during pregnancy were associated with the infant’s gender. Surprisingly, mothers of female infants had greater breast circumference changes than the mothers of male infants.

9. Breast Size #2 :  
If the right breast is larger than the left one, then it is a boy. If the left bust is bigger, it is a girl.

Hippocrates of Cos (460~357 B.C.), who is referred to as the father of western medicine, described “if the fetus were a boy, the right eye of the mother would be brighter and clearer and her right breast would be larger and of a particular shape”.

10. Belly Shape : The sex of the unborn child can also be predicted by studying the shape of the belly. When the belly expands to the sides and towards the hips like a watermelon, you are said to be carrying a girl; when the belly is basketball shaped and is all out the front then you will give birth to a son.
shape of pregnent tummy basketball or watermelon

11. Belly Softness : If the belly of the pregnant female remains soft then she is carrying a girl; when the belly is tense and hard she will give birth to a son.

12. Position of Carrying : The sex of an unborn child can be determined by looking at how his/her mother is carrying him/her in the womb. When the baby is positioned high up the mother-to-be is carrying a girl; when the mother-to-be is carrying low she will give birth to a son.

13. Legs : If an expectant mother is suffering from swelling in the legs at the earlier stages of pregnancy then it is said that she is having a girl; if her legs don’t swell at all or swelling only occurs in later stage of pregnancy then she will give birth to a baby boy.

14. Leg Hair : If you notice acceleration in the growth of hair on your legs then it is said that you are carrying a boy.

15. Hands : The sex of the unborn child can also be predicted by looking at the hands of the expectant mother. When she skin stays soft and supple she is carrying a girl; when the skin becomes hard and cracked she is having a boy.

16. Nail : Nails grow faster and stronger, it is a boy.

17. Belly button : If the navel starts to protrude when you are pregnant then your unborn child is male; if your belly button stays the same then you are carrying a girl.

18. Stretch Marks : Stretch marks come with the territory of being pregnant, most especially in the tummy. However, you can determine the sex of your unborn child by looking carefully at these marks; more marks on the left hand side of the tummy mean that you are carrying a boy; if there are more stretch marks on the right hand side then you are carrying a girl.

19. Linea Nigra : The dark line that runs up from the pubic bone to the navel during pregnancy is called linea nigra. When this line goes far past the navel and reaches the rib cage, the baby is a boy; when the line stops at the belly button, it is a baby girl.


If there is another line above the navel, and the two lines meet at the navel, it is a boy. If the two lines do not meet, it is a girl.
Linea Nigra on pregnant woman


20. Entire Body :  If from behind the expectant mother doesn’t seem to be pregnant then it’s a boy, but if she looks pregnant from all sides, then it’s a baby girl.

21. Vaginal Discharge : If you are seeing the passing of whitish liquid (in small quantities) during your pregnancy from vagina, you would have a baby boy. If you are passing through small dots of blood occasionally during your pregnancy, it is believed to be a baby girl.