Hints of using the Chinese Gender Chart

Hint No.3

Choose to be Conceived in the Middle of a Gender Period

A gender period is a given time range in which conception will result in getting a baby with a specific gender – male or female. So, according to the gender chart, The 4th to the 6th lunar month is a gender period for ladies 28 years of age, and the 8th lunar month is another gender period for ladies age 22.

We all don’t know the rationale behind the Chinese Gender Chart, as we have discussed in the pervious pages. But we know that there should be some changes in between two successive gender periods, which lead to different baby genders. To prevent possible errors, don’t choose to conceive at the first and the last ten days of any gender periods, which are considered to be the days of unsteadiness. Remember these;

  • The closer the days toward the middle of a gender period, the higher is the successful rate on selecting gender. The following diagram shows you the successful rate in getting a baby girl if you choose to conceive in the “5th to 7th lunar month” gender period. The chance of getting a baby girl at point a and point c, which are the starting and ending date of the period, is only 50%. Toward the middle of the period, the successful rate is getting higher and higher, and reaches the top at point b where the rate is over 90%.

  • The longer the gender period, the more steady the period is, and more suitable for conception. Therefore, if you are 35 years old, and if you like to get a baby girl, you should choose to conceive at the 6th lunar month instead of choosing the 3rd lunar month. And if you insist to conceive at the 3rd lunar month, try look at the Gregorian-Lunar Calendar Conversion Tables and choose the days in the middle of the 3rd lunar month.

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