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Lunar Age Calculator

Western to Chinese calendar conversion is no longer a headache!

Many people have difficulties in using the Gregorian-Lunar Conversion Table for the Chinese Gender Chart. Without a correct lunar mother age and a correct lunar month when baby conceived, the result of the baby gender prediction and selection will be totally different. In fact, Chinese festivals, harvesting timeline, and ancient Chinese Occultism are all based on the lunar calendar. Here, we have created two lunar age and date calculators for your different purposes. The first calculator shows you the exact lunar date and lunar age. The second calculator shows you the lunar months and lunar age(s) in a specific year.
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1. For a Specific Calendar Day

By entering a specific day, the system will show

 • The lunar month and day of your birthday
 • The lunar month and day of your chosen day
 • Your lunar age

This calculator can be used as a Gregorian (western) - Lunar (Chinese) Calendar converter.

Date of Birth        

Lunar Age as on      


2. For a Whole Year

By entering your birth date a specific year, the system will show you

 • The date range of each lunar month
 • Your lunar age at each lunar month
 • The leap month
With the above calculators, you can easily manage to predict and select baby gender with the traditional Chinese Gender Chart manually. Having say that, we have made two automated and user friendly Chinese gender prediction chart for baby gender prediction and selection respectively. Try them now and you will be amazed.

Gender Prediction

Calculate and show your lunar age and month at conception. Predict your baby gender in a fast and accurate way !


Gender Selection

If you plan to have a baby, and have preference for a boy or a girl. See this.